WP Highlighter helps you drive action by highlighting what matters. Unlike popups, highlights are elements already displayed on the page, such as a newsletter subscribe form, which are elegantly highlighted once they enter the visitor’s view.


Highlight Anything, Anywhere!

WPHighlighter lets you select any CSS classes and id attribute that is displayed on the page. It works across posts, pages, widgets, WooCommerce products and everything in between. WPHighlighter can highlight elements from popular plugins such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, MC4WP, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, but also on custom built call to actions, custom forms and most other features on WordPress site already.

WPHighlighter supports an unlimited number of CSS classes and ids, meaning that there’s no limit to the number of elements you can highlight on your website.

Customisable Settings

With an increasing number of settings, WPHighlighter allows you to customise when and how highlights are triggered. Here is a list of settings available through the plugin:

  • Class & id selector
  • Percentage from bottom of screen the element is visible before highlight is triggered
  • Highlight duration in seconds before autoclose
  • Cookie duration between highlights
  • Numerous styling options

Mobile Friendly

Built to be fully compatible with responsive websites, WPHighlighter works as beautifully on a handheld screen as it does on a desktop one. Nothing is compromised either. All effects, styling and settings work across all devices, helping you achieve a smooth, consistent user experience irrespective of what device your visitors are on.

WPHighlighter is rapid too! At less than 5kilobytes in total, it will help keep your visitors happy too by not slowing down their experience of your site.

Google Friendly

You may have heard that on the 10th January 2017 Google rolled out an update to its algorithm which decreases the ranking of a page using popups, or “intrusive interstitials” as Google likes to call them. The reason for this is because as website owners, developers and marketers we’ve all been throwing around too many popups that are impacting the usability of our sites!

The problem with many popups is that they are very intrusive, by nature. They either pop up when you least expect them or, sit on top of the content you were trying to read. Not to mention many are seemingly impossible to close.

WPHighlighter puts an end to all that. WPHighlighter helps you create a more Google-friendly website by encouraging you to create a better user experience by waving goodbye to popups. WPHighlighter allows you to draw users’ attention to what you want, without covering your content and by making it super easy for the user to close the highlight.